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Steps to get to your child set for carding:

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Enter your account email and password, and then click “Log In.” If this is your first time logging in or you cannot remember your password, click on “Forgot Password“, you can then enter your email to have your login credentials sent to you.  ** Most of you have never been in this site before so click “Forgot Password”  NOTE:  only 1 parent is added to this site; it should be the parent who accepted and set up the payment account for the player.

Step Three: If your email is not recognized, please send a message to Heidi DeNoi at



IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE A PARENT: Photos must be added to the specific player (child) profile, not your own.
Typically, parents will be accessing the system through their own user account login not the player’s (child’s) profile.  To find your associated players, you will click “Account” in the top menu bar.  Next click on “Family” in the left navigation bar.  Click into the specific player and follow the instructions below:

**Please note that your child’s profile photo will be used on match/player cards, etc.**
Photo Requirements
Photo size: 0 MB – 3 MB.
Photo type: JPEG, JPG, PNG
MUST BE COLOR and ONLY OF YOUR CHILD’s FACE (similar to a driver’s license photo) – no full body, family or action shots!
(See example in photo below)No Sunglasses or hats

When you are in your players’s profile, click “Choose file” in the photo section to upload your players photo.

ADDING Birth Certificate or Passport – only some players need to complete.

Documents must be added to the specific player profile under their forms section.

Step One: Click the “Documents” tab over on the left.

Step Two: Click “New Document”

Step Three: Select “Birth Certificate” in Document Repository and click “Go” (can also be a passport)

Step Four: Upload the file and click “Save”.


Forms must be added to the specific player profile under their forms section

Step One:
Click the “Forms” tab from their account Dashboard.

Step Two:
Click the “Available Forms” button.

Step Three:
Find the R-002 form.  Click the “Start” button.

* After completing the form, If you need to fill out the same form for a second child, click the “Register Someone Else” button.

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