Why Barça Academy?

Barça Academy is the football academy that follows the FC Barcelona model aimed at boys and girls whose objective is to provide pupils with integral training. We teach the players the basic concepts of football in order for them to be able to deal successfully with sporting challenges in the future, while also teaching them the values that are so representative of FC Barcelona: respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, humility. The same training methods are used by the youth teams at the Club, which consist of a series of progressive and interrelated exercises, adapted to each training level or stage.

Learn like Barca,
Play like Barca.

FC Barcelona Methodology

Train and play under the unmatched and unique FC Barcelona style and philosophy.

Barça DNA instilled
year round

Learn to become a good soccer player and a better person. Barça’s main core values on and off the pitch are teamwork, effort,  tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, and integration. Each player will be expected to carry these core values with them.

Coaching Education

Learn with an outstanding group of professional coaches led by a UEFA Pro Technical Director from FC Barcelona.

Competition System

Play under our continued competition system throughout the year.

International Exposure

Represent and compete for your Academy internationally: Barça Academy Barcelona (Spain) and The Barça Academy of the Americas (Dominican Republic).

Family Engagement

We are all the same. No board, no politics, no hidden agendas – just world class development.

Technical Training

Players will be taught the same technical drills that have inspired players such as Messi, Iniesta, or Xavi. The training sessions of the FC Barcelona Soccer Academies have been designed for players to improve the underlying techniques of soccer accurately, consistently and at match tempo. Players will not only broaden their knowledge of the beautiful game, but also add FC Barcelona methodologies to their technical background.

Tactical Training

The tactical program looks specifically at how each player understands the game. Using FC Barcelona methodologies, players will be given a complete perspective on tactics to understand each role and position. FC Barcelona coaches will use group drills that work on forcing players to make quicker decisions in real game situations.

Psychological & physical training

Being a good soccer player means much more than having a great ability with the ball. At the FC Barcelona Soccer Academies we want to develop true leaders on the field. The camp also includes a physical component and players will learn the importance of fitness in soccer.

Goalkeeper training

All of our FC Barcelona Soccer Academies include a specific goalkeeper training program. Goalkeepers will improve their skills and get a better understanding of the role with a world class FC Barcelona goalkeeper coach. The same GK techniques that have developed some of the world’s greatest goalkeepers such as Victor Valdes or Pepe Reina will be taught at the FC Barcelona Soccer School.